Our most frequently asked questions about dryer care and dryer vent servicing

Buying new towels?

Take them to a laundromat. It may be a little inconvenient, but will save your dryer venting system from accumulating all the extra lint that they lose on their first wash & dry.

You should never leave your clothes dryer running when you are sleeping or away from home.

This is good advice for other appliances as well (like the washing machine and dishwasher to name a few).

Why choose us?

Vent safe uses equipment that is specifically designed for cleaning dryer vents, No garden hoses, plumbing snakes, air hoses or neighbor Bob’s gas powered leaf blower! We use professional equipment to do a professional job.

Your lint screen only collects about 70% of the lint from your laundry.

That means that approximately 30% of each load is trying to make it’s way through the dryer and out your vent!  PLEASE make sure that you clean your lint screen before or after every load.

Don’t dry rubber backed mats or rugs in the dryer!

Not only does the rubber on the back of bath mats and certain rugs break down over time, but the extra lint these “fluffy” items lose when washed & dried can block your vent. It’s best to wash and line dry them.

Your dryer vent needs to be cleaned regularly; however, the frequency varies by:

  • Length of venting system

  • Number of persons in household

  • Type and frequency of laundry habits

  • Full-time vs. Part-time residency